Wimbledon 2013

I was lucky enough to spend this year's first HOT day in London at Wimbledon, wearing my Current Elliot pale blue leopard print jeans and white Zara shirt, watching tennis matches from Court 1 and from Henman Hill/Murray Mound.  Whether you are a serious tennis aficionado or you just enjoy an afternoon of Pimms and strawberries with cream (I fall somewhere in between!) then I really encourage you to embrace the Murray Mania...

Wimbledon Tennis Championships (Mon June 24th – Sun Jul 7th):
If you have missed out on tickets fear not… You can queue EARLY in the morning at Gate 3 for a chance to grab one of the 500 tickets available each day for Court 1 and 2 or one of the several thousand grounds tickets.  The late entry queue opens at 5pm daily where you can also pay reasonable rates for the seats of spectators who have left the venue early.  Alternatively, there are plenty of atmospheric places around the capital which show live screenings (I recommend 
The Bluebird in Chelsea for Pimms on tap and BBQs) or if you want no distractions, the tennis will also be streamed live on BBC 1 and BBC 2.   


Trend: Studs

"Tell me about it, Stud..."  (Sandy, Grease.)

The Highstreet is currently filled with studs… albeit of the appliqué variety.  Inspired by the Versace SS’12 runway collection (above) where every model was adorned with more than just a sprinkling of golden studs lining their slinky silhouettes, the trend for an edgier, more rebellious, look is now easily available without the hefty Donatella price tag. 

I would recommend heading straight to Zara to release your inner fierce… With subtle studded embellishment on many (if not most) of their latest items, this is easily made an accessible and current look for everyone to ROCK.  Here are my Zara favourties:

Left: Shirt with Studded Collar
RRP. £39.99

I would wear this shirt with all the buttons done up, with jeans and a navy jumper - Slightly preppy but with an edge. 

Left: Studded Silk Shirt

This pretty, floral silk shirt has studded shoulders - I love this contrast and it would look great tucked into denim shorts this Summer. On the wish list.

Left: Studded Denim Pop Fabric Studio Shorts
RRP. £39.99

Perfect for the Summer and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. 

Left: Studded Ankle Strap Sandles
RRP. £29.99

For those a little more cautious of this trend - literally, dip your toe in and ease your way up!

Left: Blouse with Gold Stud Buttons
RRP. £22.99

Also available in pink, green and orange - I think this is perfect to throw over your bikini on holiday - Buy oversized and tuck the front into shorts.

Trend: Spring Shorts

I think wearing shorts are the perfect fashion solution for Springtime. Despite showing more leg than you would in a dress or skirt, by keeping your arms covered up in a silk shirt or jumper this look instantly becomes less provocative. 

Denim shorts (worn with opaque tights and ankle boots if chilly) are an effortless and casual substitute for daytime wear, whereas a pair of tailored velvet, sequin or lace shorts are a brilliant, more luxe, evening alternative.
The British highstreet is currently flooded with shorts so this look is very attainable; I recommend Topshop for their short shorts and Zara for their silky shirts.

Below:  British fashionista Alexa Chung, and her endlesssssssss legs, are frequently seen out and about, come rain or shine, in this comfortable and cool look...