Chelsea In Bloom x Bloom & Wild

Last week Chelsea was indeed in BLOOOOOM.  The theme of this year’s annual ‘alternative’ floral art show (lets face it, ‘dem Chelsea Flower Show tickets are like gold dust!) was ‘Floral Safari,’ and the shops and restaurants of Chelsea were all filled with the most creative of wild displays, all competing for several coveted awards.  

Bloom & Wild, the hugely popular letterbox flower delivery service and leading floral stylists, teamed up with Club Monaco, creating a stunning Borneo inspired installation at their Sloane Square shop.  With cascading lush greenery with intermittent flashes of bright, tropical colour, you could wander around on the scout for wild (albeit more fragrant than ferocious) exotic wildlife.

From camouflaged frogs to cheeky orangutans and elusive clouded leopards, a ‘safari guide’ was on hand to add to the interactive experience, and being from Kenya myself, with a true passion for wildlife, you can only imagine how much I enjoyed exploring this jungle.

I specifically loved the stark contrast of Bloom & Wild’s rugged combination of palms, ferns, over grown vines and moss, set alongside Club Monaco’s clean and modern Spring styles. The neutral-heavy Club Monaco outfit I chose to wear also served to highlight this.

Bloom & Wild, most deservedly, won the People’s Champion Award, as voted for by the public – Congratulations!  

In Collaboration with Bloom & Wild

Photography: Tom Griffiths

Hair:  Secret Spa

Boden Icons Summer 2017

If you haven’t heard about Boden Icons before, you are to be entirely forgiven, mainly because the hero pieces of each of the limited edition, capsule collections usually sell out within minutes, with a good 90% of all stock having found happy homes within mere days!  Last season I had my beady eyes on a beautiful, cream embroidered skirt, and when I was inevitably too slow off the mark and missed out, I vowed to be more prepared this time round!

When I previewed the Boden Icons collection a few months back, it was the embroidered Rita Skirt which really stood out for me.  The stunning, intricate embroidery (also found on the skirt’s matching Rita Jacket), was inspired by a vintage jacket discovered in Portobello Market last year, so I felt it only, my new Boden Icons suede Martha Heels in hand, to hit those same streets of Notting Hill, to give it its first lil'shimmy...

This more premium and unique, 24 piece Boden Icons collection was inspired by the 1920’s and is all exquisitely crafted by hand. Each piece is really individual and regardless whether you prefer something structured, flowy, lacey or ruffled, there will be something here to turn your head... Just be quick - Only a few hundred of each item have been produced!

Above:  Wearing a Walton Gold Russian Wedding Ring (RRP. £295.00) and the 9ct Gold Satao bracelet (RRP. £140.00) from my Tembo Collection with Auree Jewellery (100% profits of entire collection go to For Rangers and wildlife conservation across Africa - See More Here), with the Angled Marble Gold Cuff (RRP. £155.00) and Totem Gold Cuff (RRP. £135.00) by Edge of Ember.

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Friday Feathers with Matthew Williamson

There is nothing, nooothing, that can put you in more of a party mood than one of Matthew Williamson’s signature cocktail dresses.  From the intricate, sparkling embellishment, to their ostrich-feather trimmed skirt, these show stopping, conversation starting, razamatazz inducing, form-fitting dresses are unashamedly feminine and oodles fun.  Some of my most frivolous and fanciful nights in London have been spent shimmying around in one of these fancies.  Ohhhh, the stories they could (but thankfully won’t) tell…!

I recently enjoyed the most unashamedly girly morning with the ‘Gown Gang’ playing dress up in Matthew Williamson’s new Belvoir Collection (see more here).  With Brown’s Hotel acting as our lavish host, Charlotte Tilbury’s team on hand to make us look our best, and an army of Jimmy Choo beauties standing to attention, I couldn’t help but try the Matthew’s latest, one-of-a-kind, Rose Lace Feather delight on to share with you.  Friday - Watch out, buddy!

Above:  Wearing the 9ct Gold Satao (RRP. £140.00) and the Silver Shina (RRP. £50.00) bracelets from my Tembo Collection with Auree Jewellery (100% profits of entire collection go to For Rangers and wildlife conservation across Africa - See More Here) and an Assya London Oriental Cross Ring (RRP. £195.00)

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TLC LOVES... Matthew Williamson Feathers

Kelly Eastwood - WEB Edits (10 of 14).jpg

Photographer:  Moeez Ali

Hair:  Secret Spa

Nails:  Sophie Gass

A Spring in my Step with Temperley London

I have always loved Temperley London’s free-spirited aesthetics, in fact the first designer dress I ever bought myself (albeit when it hit the sale, with a staff discount added on top, back in my wee shop girl days!) was a sparkling Temperley cocktail dress.  The excitement of wearing one of Alice’s bohemian dresses or best selling, cooler than cool sequin jumpsuits never ends (or fails to turn the right heads!) and this season’s collection, inspired by dreamcatchers, is a vision.  Immaculately crafted with strikingly colourful prints and patterns, these pieces can easily take you from day to night, which was exactly what I was looking for when I attended my friend’s wedding in Chelsea last weekend.  

The Temperley London V-Neck Aura Dress beautifully encapsulates this time of year, with its bold thread work embroidery featuring flowers and the most gorgeous bees. With a dress like this you should keep all your accessories to a bare minimum; A good pair of Choos (the only skyscrapers I can comfortably stand for eight hours in) and a gorgeous draping of wisteria and you’re good to go, with a Spring in your step…

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TLC LOVES... Temperley London SS'17

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer x River Island

Right now, breast cancer is at a tipping point;  More women are surviving, but more are being diagnosed than ever before.  One in eight women in the UK will face breast cancer in their lifetime and currently every 45 minutes another woman dies from the disease.

With these overwhelming statistics in mind, I'm so proud to be supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer this year.  30% of each sale of River Island's Choker Sweatshirt (RRP. £30.00) will go straight to Breast Cancer Now, helping fund the vital research needed to end this devastating disease.

We're all in this together... Shop it. Own it. Wear it. 

Makeup:  Secret Spa


Today is World Earth Day.  

Plastic in the ocean now outnumbers sea life six to one, with straws making up a huge part of that. I wish all restaurants/cafes/bars/clubs would start using eco-friendly alternatives (bamboo for instance), or ask their customers if they wanted a straw in the first place?! Perhaps If they charged extra for the use of them, like supermarkets do with plastic bags, we'd consciously take a moment to question if we really needed one.

Let's all start to #RefuseTheStraw! A small easy step towards protecting our planet and it's wildlife.

Jo Malone's 'Just Because' Dinner

We all know there is nothing better than receiving an unexpected gift, especially when said gift arrives in a distinctive pale yellow box with a black ribbon!  It is with that exact warm, fuzzy feeling in mind, and that celebration of generosity, which lies behind Jo Malone’s ‘Just Because’ campaign.  

Being thoughtful and spoiling a friend or loved one with some gorgeous Jo Malone treats completely out of the blue, for no particular reason, is a pretty darn lovely idea, and one we honoured recently over a lavish dinner at the Jo Malone Townhouse in Marylebone. 

Amongst hundreds of cream and black balloons, a mountain of gift boxes and a multitude of glowing Jo Malone candles exuding heavenly scents, guests (including Portia Freeman and Laura Jackson, below), enjoyed overflowing glasses of champagne and a delicious dinner. 

Not only were each of us totally spoilt with our very own ‘Just Because’ gift, all which were personalised with a unique reason for the kind gesture, but we were also able to have a go on the now famous Jo Malone pier-style Gift Grabber.  I managed a record grab of three small pressies at one time, a triumph I obviously gracefully down played… WHATEVER, I WON BIG PEOPLE, BIG! HUUUUGE! I’M THE WINNNNNERRRRRR!!  Errrrrrrm... Like I said, graceful.

Below:  My Basil and Neroli 'Just Because' gift from Jo Malone, adorably citing ‘Just Because we think Willow would approve…” referencing my beloved niece! A much appreciated, random act of kindness on a random Tuesday... #JustBecause! Thank you Jo Malone xx

TLC Loves.... Jo Malone

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Matthew Williamson's Belvoir Collection

In a wonderful attempt to coax the Spring sunshine out of hiding, Matthew Williamson’s ‘Gown Gang’ congregated at the palatial Kiping Sweet in Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair to play dress up in our favourite designer’s new Belvoir Collection

Matthew's opulent collection is inspired by Belvoir Castle and its beautiful interiors, with beautifully flowing countryside florals and eccentric patterns featuring monkeys and peacocks. 


After a breakfast feast comprising of acai bowls and chocolate dipped bananas (and apple pastries, which I admit, I ate four of – but they were REALLY REALLY TINY, people!) Charlotte Tilbury’s amazing team were on hand to give us all gorgeous make-overs. 

After each choosing one of the show stopping dresses to wear, and grabbing a pair of Cinderella worthy Jimmy Choo's, we braced the chilly streets of London for our multi-coloured Sun Dance (a little like a Rain Dance but with less stomping, and a lot more of our signature swooshing!)

Kelly Eastwood - WEB Edits - Outdoor (2 of 4).jpg
Kelly Eastwood - Individual Shots (26 of 122).jpg

Now, we don’t want to compleeeeetely take credit for the recent heavenly rays shining through the grey… But I don’t want to fully discount this theory either.  Jus’sayin.

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Photography:  Moeez Ali

Hair:  Secret Spa

Nails:  Sophie Gass

Smythson's Kingly Collection

Smythson will take your ol'canvas bag and raise ya… Their new, light weight and butter-soft leather Kingly bags have launched and are fast making those now tatty canvas totes hanging in your kitchen quite redundant!  Easy to carry around and designed to be rolled and unfolded without losing its shape, this bag is my perfect, and most chic, handbag overflow solution! 

I always carry two bags; one large, one small.  During the day, whilst whizzing around London, the large bag carries my Rose Gold MacBook, Smythson 2017 Diary and umbrella, leaving room for that last minute 1/2 pint of milk, and some sort of unnecessary Portobello Market curiosity bought en route home.  The small cross-body carries the essentials I need quick access to; My orange Smythson's Mara Card Wallet which also holds my Oyster card, my iPhone 6 Plus, Lipstick (currently I’m pouting with Tom Ford's 'Bruised Plum'), mints and keys. If I go straight out after work, I check in the large bag and I'm all set with the small.  

Available in their signature Nile Blue, contemporary silver and classic black, you can even have your Kingly bag personalised with your name, or favourite motif... I went for a unicorn - how sweet?!

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Photography: Tommy Clarke

Hair: Clo & Flo

Nails: Sophie Gass

#OOTD: 19.03.17

I have been an avid fan of the British cashmere label Wyse London since their launch in 2014, even featuring them in my first ever column in Hello! Fashion Monthly.  Their unique, but totally wearable, cashmere is flattering, beyond soft, pretty affordable and most importantly, C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L. 

We all know one of my favourite colours is rainbow (‘rainbow-leopard’ to be specific…) and it just so happens, that amongst a love for stars and neon, Wyse London also shares my penchant for a bright, joyous, multi coloured stripe. Their charcoal grey, slouchy Ines Jumper (RRP. £180.00) and Lucie Loungers (RRP. £195.00) are now my GO TO outfit for hanging at home and for strolling around Portobello, and they're sure to become like a second skin on my upcoming skiing trip.  A winning combo of comfortable yet stylish, I challenge you to find something else as effortless and relaxed, yet wholly luxurious and fun.  

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Photographer:  Ella Sadika

Hair:  Ruuby App.  Nails:  Sophie Gass