Wimbledon 2013

I was lucky enough to spend this year's first HOT day in London at Wimbledon, wearing my Current Elliot pale blue leopard print jeans and white Zara shirt, watching tennis matches from Court 1 and from Henman Hill/Murray Mound.  Whether you are a serious tennis aficionado or you just enjoy an afternoon of Pimms and strawberries with cream (I fall somewhere in between!) then I really encourage you to embrace the Murray Mania...

Wimbledon Tennis Championships (Mon June 24th – Sun Jul 7th):
If you have missed out on tickets fear not… You can queue EARLY in the morning at Gate 3 for a chance to grab one of the 500 tickets available each day for Court 1 and 2 or one of the several thousand grounds tickets.  The late entry queue opens at 5pm daily where you can also pay reasonable rates for the seats of spectators who have left the venue early.  Alternatively, there are plenty of atmospheric places around the capital which show live screenings (I recommend 
The Bluebird in Chelsea for Pimms on tap and BBQs) or if you want no distractions, the tennis will also be streamed live on BBC 1 and BBC 2.