Spring Denim at Debenhams

A good pair of jeans is the ultimate addition to anyone’s wardrobe, as regardless of the weather or the occasion, some good denim is the most reliable ‘go to’ of dressing solutions. I am the ultimate jeans girl, with a day rarely spent not wearing a pair, so I leapt at the chance to style up some of Debenhams latest spring denim designs…



Last season we saw a real shift back to skinny denim, and it’s quite clear that this sorely missed style is here to stay.  Charcoal grey is always a great transitional colour jean, and the bold, playful Studio By Preen polka dot shirt, with its gorgeous wizard sleeves, really stands out when worn with together. After abandoning my socks (gloves, vest, and balaclava), I’ll be wearing this outfit as I merrily skip outttta Winter into Spring. 


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Baggy, too-cool to care boyfriend jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, and it’s a style I usually contrast with slightly more feminine pieces.  This pair however, are uniquely adorned with striking floral embroidery, so I reached for my leather jacket, sneakers and more plain accessories to try and balance out the pretty.


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It’s not just Liz Hurley who loves a good pair of white jeans… Regardless of the season, you’ll find my legs wrapped in gleaming white denim too. I wore this fitted pair with some white boots (a huge trend right now) and some pieces from Nine by Savannah Miller, who’s collections each season at Debenhams I look really forward to. FYI - her embellished khaki bag is a real keeper!


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Worn from work and straight into play (do not pass go, do not collect 200…) nothing is worthier of investment than a good pair of skinny black jeans - they can literally do NO wrong!  I also really love this striped dress shirt, which I tied kimono style at the front, and with the addition of a strong red lip, your #OOTD would make the perfect #OOTN. 


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In collaboration with Debenhams
Photography: Eva Salvi
Hair: Taylor Taylor London  
Nails: Swanky

Getting Personal with Thomas Sabo


I have to say, when it comes to jewellery, I’ve always been on the subtle, rather than statement side of adornment. I prefer the layering up of smaller, more delicate pieces that spark conversation when close, rather than bolder pieces seen from a far.  Most of the jewellery I wear is also completely unique to me, personalised and engraved with family names and certain meaningful dates or phrases. Given that I don’t even have pierced ears, it will probably come as no huge surprise that I don’t have any tattoos either, so wearing jewellery to display my grand amour is about as bigger ‘shout out’ as someone can get!

I noticed a massive surge in all things personalised during the height of Sex and the City (didn’t we ALL want a ‘Carrie’ style necklace?!) and with Meghan Markle spotted wearing a necklace with her and her Prince’s initials on it, the trend shows no sign of remotely slowing down. 


Once a piece of jewellery is engraved, it instantly becomes more than a gift, it becomes an heirloom and this is why I always veer towards this idea for presents. With Christmas a few days away I wanted to make sure my family had some new treasures to celebrate the birth of my nephew Zac, whilst not leaving his big sister, Miss Safari Willow, out of the proceedings (pity the fool…!)


Thomas Sabo has some of the most layer-worthy, stylish yet amazingly affordable pieces, for which they offer complimentary engraving, so I headed straight there. They have a huge range of styles to choose from, catering for both male and female customers and their obviously differing ages and tastes. I also noticed their new Together collection of intertwined rings, and necklaces, encrusted with eye-catching diamonds, also highlighting these inseparable, bonds.


With so much to peruse, it took a little time to decide which pieces were most suitable, but the engraving amazingly only took a few minutes. I chose letters and names, but you can also add symbols which I may include next time.  I can’t wait to give my mother, sister and my friend Abbie their personalised creations, and not wanting to be left out, I maaaaaaay have also got myself a little somethin’ somethin’ too…  


Ok, so understandably, I couldn’t resist getting myself one of the Thomas Sabo Spinning Coin necklaces, on which I engraved a ’W’ and ‘Z’ on each side to keep both my niece and nephew close to my heart (*cue audience: “Ahhhhhhhhh…”)  Seriously though, this is such a great gift (even if just for yourself!) as it’s so versatile, can be worn from day to night and the playful spinning of the rotating coin is simply ADDICTIVE.  The necklace is also available in sterling silver (RRP. £139.00) and 18k rose gold plate (RRP. £198.00).


My darling friend Abbie also just had her second baby, so I decided to get her this Thomas Sabo classic ’Love Bridge’ bracelet in 18K Gold plate (RRP. £119.00), made completely unique to her by adding both her son’s names on to it; ‘Rocco and Ozzie.’  This bracelet will go with everything and anything and I imagine she won’t ever want to take it off. 


My sister has relatively ‘tom boy’ tastes when it comes to jewellery, and tends not to wear very much at all, but I know she’ll love these 18K gold plated Thomas Sabo ‘Little Secret Disc’ bracelets, on khaki, hand-knotted nylon (RRP. £49.00). Adjustable and personalised with the initials of her children, these look awesome stacked together, and not too ‘girly.’ I actually loved these worn together so much, that I decided to get my mother the same ‘Little Secret Discs’, engraved with her grandchildren’s initials, but with a ballet pink coloured cord (RRP. £49.00), as she also likes her jewellery to blend in more with her skin. I’m so excited about seeing them open these, and how special they will find the engraving.


I couldn’t wait to wear my Spinning Coin Necklace, so I unwrapped this spoiling ‘Dear Kelly, Love Kelly’ gift a little early... I love it. Thanks Kelly. 


I will admit, I also decided to give my sister’s Little Secret Disc bracelets a little road test (and by road, I mean café with cake test, you know the one!) to show you how great they look stacked... Let's just say, I’m going to reeeeally struggle giving them away!


As it’s already so close to Christmas, and the last deliveries have been sent, pop inside your nearest Thomas Sabo store this weekend to find the perfect last minute gifts, made all the more perfect with complimentary engraving. These totally unique presents will be loved for a lifetime... ALLLLL of the Christmas Feels!  MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL!


In collaboration with Thomas Sabo
Photography: Eva Salvi
Hair: Taylor Taylor London  
Nails: Swanky

Klorane: A French Pharmacy Favourite


Jane Birkin, Jane Seberg, Caroline de Maigret, Clemence Poesy… In my mind, when it comes to effortless style and seemingly natural beauty, French women will always come up le trumps.  I say ‘seemingly,’ as that well documented, and much envied, ‘je ne sais quoi’ our trop belle neighbours possess, is as much the direct result of the ritualistic use of reliable, high quality products as it is the dose of good genes they frequently are blessed with.


 I think this is why us Brits have always incorporated a lengthy and joyous perusal in a French Pharmacy into any travel itinerary, and why we have suddenly seen so many more French products pop up on our shelves this side of the channel in recent years.  


Despite now being able to pop to Boots to stock up on all my French faves, there are still few places more exciting to visit than a French Pharmacy.  Case in point; Last Easter, my girlfriends and I derailed our entire ski group in Courcheval, so we could visit a French Pharmacy… A little Après Skin before our Après Ski.  One friend, Emma, was raving about Klorane, and specifically their cult product, the Oat Milk Dry Shampoo.  Watching her purchase several cans, le FOMO kicked in and I also grabbed one myself. 


In all honesty, up until this point, I had always assumed dry shampoo was a quick fix for greasy hair, used if running late for work, or for a quick freshen up at a festival… Given I have major OCD and wash my hair most days, I just hadn’t ever imagined dry shampoo being a staple in anyone’s beauty regime, let alone my own. The reality is, French women don’t wash their hair every day, believing that frequent washing can strip the scalp of nourishing oils, so prefer to wash their hair only a couple of times a week. 


Launched in the ‘80’s and still considered the best in its field, Klorane’s Oat Milk Dry Shampoo decreases the need to wash your hair, and what I’ve found, is that it rather helpfully extends the life of my blow-dries.  Rather than leaving your hair feeling stiff, the result of others I’ve tired, the oat milk in Klorane’s Oat Milk Dry Shampoo seems to soften and protect your hair, even giving your doo some volume within just a couple of minutes. It took a while for me to relax into not washing my hair every day, but knowing that I’m looking after my hair and scalp, whilst also rocking some serious French chic, bed head vibes, it’s been worth it. Just pass me some red lippy and a Breton, already! 


Above: Shake Klorane's Oat Milk Dry Shampoo well before use and spray evenly 30cm away from hair roots… Leave for 2 minutes and brush out thoroughly, et voila! 

Above: Klorane’s Oat Milk Dry Shampoo is also available in a mini size for touch ups and added texture throughout the day. 


After discovering this total hair hero, I wanted to learn more about Klorane. In 1966, Klorane has a well-documented history in pharmaceutical ethics and is dedicated to protecting both plant heritage and the environment.  We all know I love incorporating more ethical purchases into my life, and it seems Klorane is putting the care in to the hair care, by donating a portion of its sales to supporting the activities of the Klorane Botanical Foundation


Keen to try some more of Klorane’s products, I decided to give their Mango Butter Range a go.  Having spent a chilly few months in London hiding under a beanie, and being about to head back to Africa for Christmas, I felt my hair could do with some serious nourishment. 


The Klorane Mango Butter Shampoo, and Conditioner, contain fatty acids that really act to repair your hair and bring back its suppleness and shine. 


Klorane's Leave in Cream serves as a protective coat, making your hair easier to style. Oh, and I should mention, the smell… Ooh La La! Heavenly. 


I’ve really been enjoying using Klorane’s Mango Butter Range twice a week, with interim touch ups using the Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo.  My scalp is definitely appreciating being left alone a little more, and my hair is super shiny thanks to the oils I’m clearly allowing to hang out a little more. 


Being now able to stock up on these affordable Klorane products within the U.K, rendering those heavy beauty hauls back from Paris on the Eurostar less necessary, has also been massively helpful (and now there’s plenty more room to smuggle back cheese…!)


Klorane is available at Boots, Escentual, Birchbox, Look Fantastic and independent pharmacies.

In collaboration with Klorane

Photography: Eva Salvi


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Kiki McDonough's Jemima Collection

Kiki Jemima Group 02_1.jpg

If there is one thing I share in common with London-based jeweller Kiki McDonough, aside from us both clearly being magpies, its our love of COLOUR. Kiki’s kaleidoscopic use of gemstones, coupled with her amazing eye for detail, result in the most stunning statement pieces you’ll triumphantly treasure for maaaaany years to come.  

With a father and grandfather both involved in the antique jewellery industry, jewellery design might have seemed an obvious route for Kiki McDonough to have taken. However, at this time, there were very few people designing everyday investment pieces, ones which could be worn everyday, and for any occasion.  Designing show-stopping yet wearable designs soon became Kiki’s aim, and this more modern view of jewellery, alongside her love of unique, bold colour combinations, soon placed Kiki at the forefront of British jewellery design, a pedestal where she has comfortably perched for over thirty years.  

The idea of wearing your most precious jewels, your ‘Sunday Best’ sparklers, on a random Tuesday, with jeans and a ‘just ‘cos’ attitude, appeals to me hugely.  Not to be too fatalistic, but given we never know what is just around the corner, why save the enjoyment of wearing our most beloved possessions for such rare occasions? I used to save certain dresses and shoes for special events, and now I basically do the washing up in ball gowns! Likewise, Kiki McDonough’s spectacular jewels are without doubt meant to be cherished, but they are also meant to be worn – and on all occasions!

The theme of this contemporary opulence has extended into Kiki McDonough’s latest Jemima Collection, designed in collaboration with their ambassador, Jemima Jones. Inspired by their mutual love of Rome, taking inspiration from the city’s beautiful architecture, culture, style and history, this collection is characterised by the the Ancient Roman’s everyday use of striking patterns and colourful gemstones.

Being able to adorn myself one afternoon in Kiki McDonough's striking Jemima Collection was beyond a pleasure! The designs comprise four chunky rings, six chain bracelets, six pairs of earrings, and nine pendants, all in beautifully contrasting and unique gemstone variations, including Lemon Quartz, Green Amethyst, Lavender Amethyst, Blue Topaz and White Topaz. There is definitely a style to suit everyone, but being the maximalist I am, I couldn’t just stop at just one… My initial response was to stack various combinations of these beauties all together, which I wore for a sunny afternoon wander about my Notting Hill neighbourhood, to Albert’s Club (below) later that evening, and for some very bleary eyed meetings the next day…!  The results were all equally as breath taking.


Yes, these Kiki McDonough pieces do push the usual self-imposed spending boundaries of my ‘treat ‘yo’self’ guidelines (the Jemima Collection is upwards of £1900.00) but when you consider the amount of wear (and compliments) each piece will garner over the years, I feel decidedly more confident of recommending these investments.  So yeah, go on, treat yo’self (and me, please...?! Merci, mon cheri!)


The Jemima Collection is available to buy online, and from Kiki McDonough’s flagship Chelsea shop.

In Collaboration with Kiki McDonough

Notting Hill Photographs:  Ella Sadika

South Kensington Photographs: Eva Salvi 

Hair:  Taylor Taylor London

Nails:  Sophie Gass

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AW'16 Trends with Monsoon

With the summer sun setting, and the last of the rosé having been plied from my hand, it is now time to embrace Autumn.  According to The Great Gatsby himself, "life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall," and after the inevitable boho wisp, wander and pom poms you were likely adorned in over the last few months, it’s probably time your wardrobe had its seasonal revamp too.  Luckily, the first of the Autumnal drops have arrived on the great British high street and Monsoon have particularly embraced the trends we saw on the AW’16 catwalks back in February.  Although the idea of embracing fashion trends can sometimes worry many of us, this season the key looks were so varied that thankfully there really is something for everyone to enjoy, and at a snip of the runway price!

The catwalks earlier this year were particularly awash with rich velvets, regal ruffles and eccentric florals.  Being an avid fan of all the aforementioned, I was thrilled when I recently visited Monsoon to see that they have perfectly channeled these trends, in such stylish, yet attainable ways.  I decided to style up some of my favourite pieces to share with you, and hopefully you’ll be as inspired as I am to embrace those Pumpkin Spiced Lattes…

As I said, an AW’16 trend to note is velvet.  Taking the lead from Valentino and Ellery, this sumptuous fabric is no longer to be reserved for cocktails parties or goths, but can be incorporated casually into your daywear.  

The Harper Velvet High-Rise Skinny Trousers (£59.00) are so flattering and I found them to be the easiest gateway into experimenting with daytime velvet. Worn with some Electra Simple Flat Chelsea Boots (£49.00) and an oversized Libby Coat (£119.00), I feel the overall look was really relaxed, yet smart enough for my daily meetings.  These trousers are so versatile and can easily be paired with a heel for the evenings.

Full Disclosure:  I loved these Harper Velvet High-Rise Skinny Trousers so much (wearing them with heeled boots on the first day of London Fashion Week) I had to go back after the shoot and buy them in black too...

Taking the velvet trend to the next level, I decided to jump head first into a top-to-toe look, pairing these high-waisted Vivienne Wideleg Trousers (£69.00) with the loose-fitting Arlo Velvet Top (£59.00) which is subtly patterned with a mix of dots, stripes and florals. 

The overall look may be perfect for night, but once worn with some leopard print Bianca Pony Point Ballerina Shoes (£39.00) the outfit instantly became more daytime and casually chic.

The ‘I just raided my Grandmother’s Attic’ vibe on the AW’16 runways was clear for all to see.  From Mary Katrantzou to Kenzo, a wild variety of eccentric, mix-matched, and frequently floral, prints were presented with wild abandon and I for one, was thrilled. As a long-term fan of the flamboyant, nonagenarian fashionista Iris Apfel, and an avid admirer of the unconventional style of Little Edie, you don’t have to ask me twice to get my maximalism on!

I was excited to see Monsoon embrace this quirky Autumnal bloom, and fell pretty hard for their Blythe Devore Print Midi Dress (£129.00) with it’s vintage florals, and three-quarter length sleeves.  I wore this dress with some vintage-inspired heels, and my mother’s old belt from the 1970’s and some bubblegum pink sunglasses (try Illesteva's Leonard Sunglasses) Similar to add some fun colour pops.  For the brave, the addition of a headscarf, or some fishnet ankle socks would certainly ramp up the eccentric notch.

Ruffles will be HUGE this Autumn,  as we saw with JW Anderson through to Gucci.. As a real frill-seeker myself, I snapped up Monsoon’s high-necked Lacey Victoriana Lace Frill Blouse (£59.00) immediately, without passing go, or collecting 200. You can wear this blouse with a vest or slip underneath, or if you’re feeling a little more risqué, a black bra (try Anine Bing's Velvet Bra with Lace Trim or Rossell England's Crescent Bra) and a plum-stained lip (try Tom Ford's 'Wild Orchid'). The cuffed, statement sleeves are particularly regal!

Photography: Eva Salvi

Hair and Makeup:  Secret Spa (with thanks to Dr. Paw Paw)

In Collaboration with MONSOON

LK Bennett's SS'16 'Inspiring Woman' Campaign

I was so thrilled when L.K. Bennett asked me back to feature once more as an 'Inspiring Women' for their Instagram campaign (see my previous SS'15 shots HERE.)  I really enjoyed wandering around my local neighbourhood with stylist Alex Meyers and photographer Eva Salvi, being snapped wearing a variety of the brand's latest pieces now available in store and online (click on items below for direct links).  With quite a classically eclectic style, I regularly find many of the L.K. Bennett creations fit effortlessly with my lifestyle, and their more quirky pieces work really well with much of my current wardrobe.

'No pain, no game,' is NOT my vibe!  Jumpsuits and flats are my idea of heaven - especially when said jumpsuit is covered in stars, and said flats are bright pink!  This shot was taken outside Nikki Tibbles Wild At Heart floristry in Westbourne Grove, where I could literally stand just inhaling by for hours... 

I love how Alex styled this particularly Chanel'esq boxy jacket with my never-take-them-off boyfriend jeans. The silver and gold metallic heels were a firm fave of the day... and miiiight have come home with me. #WerkPerk 

I like to call this pose the, 'Where's My UBER?!'  Dressed to impress as L.K. Bennett's New Year's Eve Girl. I particularly liked tucking my hair underneath this chic lil'tuxedo jacket - which is now in the sale FYI!  

Drinking my 'Clean and Lean' hot chocolate (who knew?!) at my new healthy hangout, James adn Christy Duigan's 'Clean and Lean' cafe on Westbourne Grove. BIG into these trousers, and yes, that's my favourite LKB Mariel Bag personalised by Boyarde in the background. 

The food served at the new 'Clean and Lean' cafe is all unprocessed, seasonal and seriously yummy (*as yummy as this cardigan which goes with EVERYTHING.)  

I loved the accessories Alex chose to compliment and bring out the vibrancy of this dress. I love this whole outfit and it's very much on the TLC Wishlist. 

Hair and nails by Neville Hair and Beauty (5 Pont Street, Belgravia, SW1)