Getting Personal with Thomas Sabo


I have to say, when it comes to jewellery, I’ve always been on the subtle, rather than statement side of adornment. I prefer the layering up of smaller, more delicate pieces that spark conversation when close, rather than bolder pieces seen from a far.  Most of the jewellery I wear is also completely unique to me, personalised and engraved with family names and certain meaningful dates or phrases. Given that I don’t even have pierced ears, it will probably come as no huge surprise that I don’t have any tattoos either, so wearing jewellery to display my grand amour is about as bigger ‘shout out’ as someone can get!

I noticed a massive surge in all things personalised during the height of Sex and the City (didn’t we ALL want a ‘Carrie’ style necklace?!) and with Meghan Markle spotted wearing a necklace with her and her Prince’s initials on it, the trend shows no sign of remotely slowing down. 


Once a piece of jewellery is engraved, it instantly becomes more than a gift, it becomes an heirloom and this is why I always veer towards this idea for presents. With Christmas a few days away I wanted to make sure my family had some new treasures to celebrate the birth of my nephew Zac, whilst not leaving his big sister, Miss Safari Willow, out of the proceedings (pity the fool…!)


Thomas Sabo has some of the most layer-worthy, stylish yet amazingly affordable pieces, for which they offer complimentary engraving, so I headed straight there. They have a huge range of styles to choose from, catering for both male and female customers and their obviously differing ages and tastes. I also noticed their new Together collection of intertwined rings, and necklaces, encrusted with eye-catching diamonds, also highlighting these inseparable, bonds.


With so much to peruse, it took a little time to decide which pieces were most suitable, but the engraving amazingly only took a few minutes. I chose letters and names, but you can also add symbols which I may include next time.  I can’t wait to give my mother, sister and my friend Abbie their personalised creations, and not wanting to be left out, I maaaaaaay have also got myself a little somethin’ somethin’ too…  


Ok, so understandably, I couldn’t resist getting myself one of the Thomas Sabo Spinning Coin necklaces, on which I engraved a ’W’ and ‘Z’ on each side to keep both my niece and nephew close to my heart (*cue audience: “Ahhhhhhhhh…”)  Seriously though, this is such a great gift (even if just for yourself!) as it’s so versatile, can be worn from day to night and the playful spinning of the rotating coin is simply ADDICTIVE.  The necklace is also available in sterling silver (RRP. £139.00) and 18k rose gold plate (RRP. £198.00).


My darling friend Abbie also just had her second baby, so I decided to get her this Thomas Sabo classic ’Love Bridge’ bracelet in 18K Gold plate (RRP. £119.00), made completely unique to her by adding both her son’s names on to it; ‘Rocco and Ozzie.’  This bracelet will go with everything and anything and I imagine she won’t ever want to take it off. 


My sister has relatively ‘tom boy’ tastes when it comes to jewellery, and tends not to wear very much at all, but I know she’ll love these 18K gold plated Thomas Sabo ‘Little Secret Disc’ bracelets, on khaki, hand-knotted nylon (RRP. £49.00). Adjustable and personalised with the initials of her children, these look awesome stacked together, and not too ‘girly.’ I actually loved these worn together so much, that I decided to get my mother the same ‘Little Secret Discs’, engraved with her grandchildren’s initials, but with a ballet pink coloured cord (RRP. £49.00), as she also likes her jewellery to blend in more with her skin. I’m so excited about seeing them open these, and how special they will find the engraving.


I couldn’t wait to wear my Spinning Coin Necklace, so I unwrapped this spoiling ‘Dear Kelly, Love Kelly’ gift a little early... I love it. Thanks Kelly. 


I will admit, I also decided to give my sister’s Little Secret Disc bracelets a little road test (and by road, I mean café with cake test, you know the one!) to show you how great they look stacked... Let's just say, I’m going to reeeeally struggle giving them away!


As it’s already so close to Christmas, and the last deliveries have been sent, pop inside your nearest Thomas Sabo store this weekend to find the perfect last minute gifts, made all the more perfect with complimentary engraving. These totally unique presents will be loved for a lifetime... ALLLLL of the Christmas Feels!  MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL!


In collaboration with Thomas Sabo
Photography: Eva Salvi
Hair: Taylor Taylor London  
Nails: Swanky