Sophia Rogge - Coral Conservation

Corals Are Cool

The beautiful and fragile coral reefs of the world are in crises. Under serious threat, from global warming and destructive fishing practices to name but two, the destruction of these organisms has become such an important issue that in many areas they are considered endangered species.

Enter: Sophia Rogge, The Caped Coral Crusader.

Ok… Perhaps not caped, but definitely decoratively wrapped.

Sophia, a talented artist, is making coral conservation fashionable. Her debut collection of eco friendly beaded sarongs depicting beautiful kaleidoscopic corals and made with environmentally safe dyes in India, come in a range of colours (Kaledia, Blush, Cobalt and Amber – my favourite's the Kaledia) along with a Kaledia Mini sarong, and the Summer Scarf - the softest and prettiest around.

I Wannem. All.

10% of all Sophia’s eco beachwear sales go to Corals for Conservation who work with local fishing communities and the tourism industries in restoring damaged reef areas and protecting the coral reefs for the future.

Available from her website and reasonably priced (from £30 – £95) Sophia believes coral conservation is everyone’s problem so her range is refreshingly more affordable and accessible than other such stylish ranges.

Here is a picture of me wearing the much sought after Summer Scarf. (Jeans by H&M. Shirt from Topshop.)

I assisted Sophia on her photo shoots for the collection - see the collage below for some 'behind the scenes' pictures. Also featured in the photos are makeup artist Charlotte Cowen and model Willow Crossley (with her son Wolf!)