Best Of London - Kalita Al Swaidi

Kalita Al Swaidi, 29, is an aspiring TV presenter and celebrated lingerie designer (her embroidered chiffon knickers make the best presents - Kate Moss and Kylie are both said to be fans.) Kalita lives in West London (with one of the most enviable, stylish wardrobes in the city) and was named after the beautiful flower that grows on cactus.

Here Kalita shares her London Favourites;

My Transport - My Rover Mini

My Cocktail - A Margarita with a best friend at Santo towards the end of Portobello Road.

My Date Night - With my 'lover' at The Oak; cocktails upstairs and pizza downstairs and maybe, some tequila and pole dancing next door at Crazy Homies. Or, karaoke and sake at a dive bar in Soho.

My Sunday Brunch - With family or friends at Julie's Restaurant – especially on a sunny day on an outside table – order the roast chicken and bring your children or your dogs (they even have a Sunday crèche for the little ones if you want to enjoy some cocktails in the sun.)

My Boutique - Austique for all the special little things – either to cheer yourself up on a rainy day or for the best birthday gifts.

My High Street StoreTopshop (especially their online website – great for secret buying from your desk when you are going on holiday on Friday and need to be in the office all the hours before.)

London¹s Best Kept Secret - Black cabs – the cabbies give the best advice and tell the best jokes.

My London Icon (Past or Present) – The pigeons… It has to be…