Musical Moment - Battle of 'Somebody That I Used to Know' (Gotye vs. Walk Off the Earth)

Below: I am sure that by now you have heard this song by Gotye (pronounced like the designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.)

Reflective and intense, the song is about the end of a passionate love affair and in baring all emotionally, the music video shows the singer’s body also bare, slowly being painted with geometric shapes until he blends into the patterned wall. You then hear an intimate verse sung from the woman’s perspective, by Kiwi singer Kimbra.

Below: Little known Canadian Indie band, Walk Off the Earth, recorded a captivating cover of the song soon after Gotye’s own release, and became an instant YouTube phenomenon mainly due to it’s five members all playing the same acoustic guitar… See it to believe it; Instrumentally impressive and just extraordinarily cool. They have subsequently earned a record deal.

Gotye’s reaction? "It's like a throwback to the Sixties where a local act could pip the original artist to the post in their market. I wish them all the best with the song - it's a clever, novelty cover. But I won't deny there's a part of my ego that really doesn't want their version to eclipse mine."

Currently, Goyte’s video has 107,865,288 views and Walk Off the Earth has 71,032,066…

Which do you prefer?