TLC Staycation: North Yorkshire with Natural Retreats and Emu Australia

Having landed fresh off a plane from NYC early last month (I say fresh, but I really wasn’t, having just celebrated both my birthday and Halloween…) I ventured t’uuup North for some country air and relaxation with Natural Retreats and Emu Australia.  This couldn't have been better timed! 

Arriving in the beyond foggy Yorkshire Dales (at times I did feel like I was on a horror movie set… Woodlands… Mist… RUNNNNN!) with a bag full of sheepskin Emu Australia boots, Carly, Josie  (left) and a rather large dose of jet lag, I went on to enjoy two days of country rambles and exploring, cycle rides (yes, I can sometimes be athletic, try and not faint!) soothing massages and some beautifully loooooong, cosy sleeps in our Swedish’esq Natural Retreats log cabin (below). 

I took ankle height grey Emu boots for travelling in (my faves, I now want every colour), snuggly slippers (above) for hanging out in the cabin and generally feasting on all the crumpets and biscuits strewn across the kitchen for us (they saw us coming!), waterproof Emu boots for all my stomping through the dewy Dales, and some smarter, lacy black boots for our evening out on the ‘toon.  Basically, my feet were spoilt for choice, and ultimately warm, dry and insanely comfy at all times with not a heel or stiletto in sight!


Above:  Farm Style Emojis...!   Below:  Picturesque surroundings by the River Swale

Above:  All together now, "Swooooooooooooooooon!"

Above:  A ramble around the impressive ruins of Easby Abbey, founded in 1152.

Above:  Making fast friends with Saxon... (that awkward moment you lean in for a hug and 'he' goes for full face!)  Below: Aaaaaaand RELAX!  A heavenly few days, thank you!!

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