Trend: Meggings

Ok… I go away on holiday for a few weeks and what happens? Men wearing leggings becomes a trend?? Yes.  This is actually happening.  Errm… #Ew. 

According to my very reliable and oh-so-fabulous sources in New York, the most current fashion trend sweeping across Manhattan right now are men in tights.  Huh?  With The Telegraph reporting that ‘meggings’ (really?!) are "taking the fashion world by storm"  it appears such an ensemble is no longer reserved for male ballerinas or… Medieval outlaws?!  This winter men are apparently following fast in the footsteps of Justin Beiber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz and donning ‘meggings’ (I refuse to write that word without abbreviation marks) with Versace and Givenchy apparently being the most sought after brand.  What could be worse than that?  Oh… I know, how about this  so-called ‘fashion moment’ catching on in the UK? Uniqlo is already selling them on their website and the Boy London 'meggings' sold out at Selfridges within a week.   I can only imagine that with no pockets to hold their wallets (or girlfriend’s handbags to help since they, along with their owners, fled for the hills after the ‘megging’ purchase) Man-Bags (*shudder) will soon be reappearing back into our lives.  Why God, Whhhhy?!!