The Opulence of 'Anna Karenina'

And just when I thought 'The Great Gatsby' was the period drama fashion dream of the year (see the trailer and pictures here) I saw this trailer for Joe Wright’s 'Anna Kerenina.'  Wow. 
Keira Knightley plays Anna, a striking aristocrat in late-19th-century high society Russia, wearing the most elegant and opulent of costumes - think rich velvets in jeweled tones, delicate lace, feathered headpieces, beautiful pearls...

Inspired by this upcoming movie’s beautiful costumes, Banana Republic is launching an Anna Karenina style capsule collection with the film’s twice-Academy Award-nominated costume designer, Jacqueline DurranBanana Republic’s creative director Simon Kneen promises “hats and coats with faux fur and piles of costume jewellery.”

Anna Karenina is released in the UK in September - Can't wait!