First Kiss vs. First Sniff

The ‘First Kiss’ video (below) spread like wild fire yesterday, and unsurprisingly.  The 3.28  minute clip, by Hungarian filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, where twenty complete strangers are asked to kiss was awkwardly romantic, instantly intimate, and in some cases, preeetty steamy.  You would certainly have to be made of stone to not have been touched by the cute, fumbled small talk and endearing, giggling nervousness of the ‘strangers,’ heightened by SoKo’s lyrics; “If you’re ready for love, how can you be ready for life?”

How disappointing to find out today that this sweet and unique video was actually a viral advertisement for a clothes brand and the ‘strangers’ are all charismatic, camera-confident, professional performers ranging from French actors and indie musicians to Italian models and Hollywood hipsters.  It’s still cute… just not AS cute.  Well, in their defense, I suppose no one would actually want to watch, let alone share, a batch of random, incompetent fuglies haphazardly and sloppily making out with each other…

However, if today’s glorious sunshine is not alleviating the hurt you are feeling from being duped by these once adorable charmsters, may I suggest the joy be restored to your heart by watching Mother London’s ‘First Sniff’ parody (I imagine the first of maaaaany to come!) starring my friends Will Woodhams and Annabel Simpson’s two dogs; Disco-Rita the Whippet and Cokey-Bear the Chihuahua.  Authentically adorable. 

Musical Moment - SoKo ('I'll Kill Her')

I love this song by SoKo - featured in a 2007 Stella McCartney fashion show – her frank, unapologetic threats to the blonde girl who is now dating the man she has imagined, in psychotic depth, to be ‘the one,’ are issued with the most perfectly distant, ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude, that only a French girl can pull off.

"I would have met your friends, we would have had a drink or two
They would have liked me, coz sometimes i'm funny..."