Musical Moment - Slow Moving Millie ('Beasts')

Having played the piano, making up little stories to the music, from a very early age, beautiful actress Amelia Warner, 29, star of the movies ‘Quills’ and ‘Stoned,’ is now writing and singing under the name ‘Slow Moving Millie.’

Living in London and currently working on an album of British 80's covers and composing several film scores, you may have heard her ethereal, mischievous sounding, debut single, ‘Beasts,’ on the Virgin Media advert last year (shown below.)

The quirky lyrics of this song came to her whilst walking through Highgate Cemetery - she saw a gravestone that read 'Where Sleeping Beasts Lie...'

"This could be our fairytale,
We'll make them all disappear.
I could be the rabbit,
to your magic hat..."