Mr Foggs

The imaginative Duncan Stirling and Charlie Gilkes have yet again provided Londoners with an impressively extravagant bar.  Following in the footsteps of BartsMaggies andBunga Bunga, this dynamic duo have recently opened Mr Fogg’s, on Mayfair’s Bruton Lane.  The beautiful bar pays tribute to the adventures of the famously eccentric explorer Philieas J Fogg.  I visited this bar last week with girlfriends and was immediately transported whimsically into the 1870s, being met by an immaculately dressed porter who showed us to our table.  The entire room is brimful with trinkets from Mr Fogg’s travels; quirky artifacts, unusual antiques, portraits, leather luggage, birdcages, maps and an immense hot air balloon (in which he travelled for 80 days) taking centre stage. The drinks and menu are also themed with Victorian Absinthe cocktails served in antique punch bowls.  Extraordinarily unusual, utterly elegant and highly recommended.

Below:  Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling with his beautiful wife Zoe Stirling.

Mr.Foggs (15 Bruton Lane, Mayfair, W1) open Monday-Saturday 5pm-1am.