Brad Pitt's Chanel No 5 Advertisement Revealed

We have all eagerly waited upon the latest Chanel No.5 advert having being teased for over a month with the teeniest, tiniest of tit-bit-Pitts, and yesterday it was finally released.  Am I alone in thinking… Is that it?!   Yes, Brad Pitt looks hot. Yes, Brad Pitt sounds hot. But… Where is the romance, the sweeping vistas, the fantasy… the… the… the anything?! 

Marilyn Monroe’s coy giggles, Audrey Tautou’s wistful train glances and Nicole Kidman’s can-can under the Eiffel Tower, have all been replaced by a scruffy Brad Pitt and his goatee.  As the first man to ever advertise the scent (a job he was paid £4.32 million for!) and with the amazing Joe Wright as his director, is it wrong that I had just expected MORE?!  A pensive, sultry Brad looks as if he has rolled out of a bar and given a deeply intense monologue to an invisible flock of birds... Unintentionally funny. Ooh-La-Lazy. 

J'adore Dior

Mila Kunis has been chosen as the new face of Christian Dior, representing the label's SS'12 Miss Dior handbag campaign.

Joining her fellow 'Black Swan' star Natalie Portman, the current face of Miss Dior Cherie, Mila follows in the footsteps of other Dior beauties; Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron and the legendary, Marilyn Monroe.

Mila said, "I always thought what Dior does is so sophisticated, feminine and beautiful" – as are these photographs of the actress shown below...

Movie Moment: 'My Week with Marilyn'

In the early summer of 1956, 23 year-old Colin Clark, a movie enthusiast worked as an assistant on the set of 'The Prince and the Showgirl', the film that famously, and turbulently, united Sir Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe. Olivier had hoped this collaboration would help him become a Hollywood movie star, and Marilyn hoped to become taken seriously as an actress.

An insight into a vanished era of filmmaking and the clash that ensued between the two actors was well documented nearly 40 years later in Colin’s diary account, ‘The Prince, the Showgirl and Me,’ but its author purposefully omitted one week’s production... This missing chapter was eventually published some years later as ‘My Week with Marilyn,’ and this film chronicles Colin's life changing week and near affair with the star.

Released on November 25th, the film stars Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Julia Ormond and Emma Watson - but its main attraction is undeniably Michelle Williams, who according to Vogue ‘brings Monroe to life with heartbreaking delicacy and precision without resorting to impersonation or cliché.’

Below: The trailer for 'My Week with Marilyn'

Michelle spent six months immersing herself in all things Marilyn Monroe; reading biographies, diaries, letters, poems, and notes, studying photographs, listening to recordings and watching her movies. Michelle also trained hard to transform her usually gamine body to achieve that infamous Marilyn wiggle...

Below: The original trailer for 'The Prince and The Showgirl'

Annie Leibovitz shot a stunning set of Marilyn Monroe inspired photographs of Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams for the October issue of US Vogue.

Styled by Tonne Goodman, Michelle wore a retro wardrobe from Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and J. Crew.

The actress revealed, “as soon as I finished the script, I knew that I wanted to do it, and then I spent six months trying to talk myself out of it... But I always knew that I never really had a choice... I’ve started to believe that you get the piece of material that you were ready for.”

“I wish that I could play her for the rest of my life...”