Hotel Chantelle

I was really excited to be invited to brunch at the new Hotel Chantelle behind Selfridges, having heard fantastic things about its famed New York’s outpost in the Lower East Side. Named after a World War II safe house, Hotel Chantelle is not an actual hotel.  Confused?  I was too. Hotel Chantelle is a ‘relaxed,’ but actually a strictly chic, restaurant with a late night bar set across just the one floor, with two outdoor terraces and a healthy wash of graffiti by the renowned, and super cool, New York street artist Bradley Theodore, who I had the pleasure of meeting.  There is, for your guidance, an enforced ‘dressy chic’ dress code, which may well result in putting off the very same London crowd they wish to attract, but I would ask you, even if in your forced finery, to venture in to taste the food – it’s worth it. 

With live jazz from the dapper Dandy Wellington and over-flowing Bellini's (surely what a good Sunday is all about?!) my friend Kalita and I settled in to what soon revealed itself to be, an EPIC brunch of EPIC proportions.  Advertised as having an American and French inspired fare, the imaginative menu (featuring a glorious Holly Golightly image) full of beyond unique recipes would make you assume it had been created by someone completely buzzed… Full English Breakfast Pizza anyone?! 

We were assured by the talented chef, Seth Levine, that he was not actually the ultimate stoner, and that his ‘molecular gastronomy, comfort food and haute cuisine,’ menu was all just down to his whimsical Willy Wonka’esq imagination!  Not a smashed avocado on toast in sight, I tell you!

Kalita and I were both soon presented with an assortment of delicious (and at times, potentially heart attack inducing) dishes that included Thyme Pomelo Brûlée, Frosted Flake-Encrusted Brioche French Toast, Baked Alaska Waffles (these were amayyyzing!) and Lobster Benedict. Forget ‘dressy chic,’ they should encourage diners to wear elasticated trackie-bums before rolling them home!  I'm intrigued to try the lunch menu next.

Hotel Chantelle is open seven days a week between 11.30am-11:00pm.
Late night dining will be available between Thursday and Saturday until 3am. 
Weekend brunch will be offered on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-4pm



Taking inspiration from the izakayas of Japan. Piers Adam and Scott Hallsworth’s latest venture is Ramusake, a vibrant Pan-Asian style member’s restuarant SLASH late night bar on South Kensington’s Old Brompton Road.  Having been made an honorary member, I headed down to have dinner and check out what is rumoured to be a little bit of Shoreditch in South Kensington. 

Seductively decorated, with low lighting and dark interiors, my friends and I begun our evening with a delicious cocktail (the first of many as it turned out…) created by the brilliantly friendly and talented mixologists. In fact, it must be said, everyone working at Ramusake was extremely friendly, relaxed, and unpretentiously cool (no more so than hostess with the mostess Elbe, a real gem.)  

Our dinner consisted of several small sharing plates (I highly suggest you order the sweet potato and soba-ko fries, beef fillet tataki, tuna sushi pizza and tea-smoked lamb chops!) and copious more cocktails amongst tables filled with some of West London’s finest.  I chose to go mid-week when the club was naturally quieter, but I am looking forward to returning on one of Ramusake’s weekend member's events, where awesome DJ’s are frequently hosted alongside rambunctious, sake-fuelled crowds.

Ramusake:  92B Old Brompton Rd, London, SW7 5LR (020 7842 8518)

Membership is £250 per year and includes complimentary entry after 11pm and first pick of table bookings (contact: