Musical Moment: Lissie ('Everywhere I Go')

30 year old Lissie (Elisabeth Maurus) is a Mississippi raised folk rock artist living in LA. Described as having ‘Laurel Canyon prettiness stewed in campfire and bourbon’ this blonde and freckled singer has a remarkable voice and her debut album, ‘Catching A Tiger,’ is both powerful and honest, “I'm direct, I'm not hiding anything… I don't really know what or why or who I am... but I don't know how to not be how I am."

‘Everywhere I Go’ showcases Lissie beautifully and I find the video incredibly powerful… this is obviously helped somewhat by the enormous elephant faithfully following her.

Whenever I feel a little helpless I find this song to be really comforting… That despite any overwhelming circumstances, I’m never truly alone.  I soon feel my spirits lift and smiles always follow. It also reeeally makes me want an elephant. Enjoy this – it’s a special one.

'Angels will follow me now everywhere I go...
Angels will call on me and take me to my home'