Kate's Retro Waves

This week Kate Middleton (above) showed off her new darker, voluminous hairdo, complete with sweeping fringe.  Whilst opening the Natural History Museum’s new Treasure exhibition, the Duchess of Cambridge told complimentary onlookers, “I’m not sure about it.”  The haircut does look a little dated and a little Farrah Fawcett-like, but this is almost certainly emphasised by the high cut of her retro emerald green Mulberry ‘Cabbage’ dress.  Kate could in the future look to another well-known British brunette for hairspiration:  Cheryl Cole.  Popstar/Presenter Cheryl Cole (below) always manages to keep her enviably thick chestnut locks and feathered fringe looking modern, glossy and tamed.  I am sure however, whatever the Duchess may feel about her new wispy bangs, there will be thousands of women currently rushing to their hairdressers and asking for ‘The Kate!’