Ice Skating at The Natural History Museum

Before I returned back home for a sunny Kenyan Christmas (the reason for my lack of postings recently – the internet is sooo slooow!) I went to The Natural History Museum to go ice-skating. To be clear, I am a beach baby through and through and outside of a mojito, ice is not an old friend of mine, so I was a little apprehensive to say the least!

Despite being like a fish out of water, I approached the ice rink full of Dancing On Ice, glittering gusto (“if that girl off Hollyoaks can do it, so can I”) and after a wobbly start (and a few moments where I contemplated grabbing a little penguin stabilizer off a nearby child) I was up, up and awaaay, looping around the ice to the pumping sounds of... Westlife. I really recommend you go (and don’t forget your gloves, hat and… ipod!)

The Ice Rink is open until the 8th of January 2012 and tickets (from £8) can be bought here.