Honestly Healthy

Yesterday saw the launch of Honestly Healthy in the Selfridges Food Hall, the joint venture of Natasha Corrett (health retreat organizer and vegetarian chef) and Vicki Edgson (nutritionist and original co-founder of The Food-Doctor.) Their range of freshly prepared gourmet vegetarian food promises to help balance, alkalise, calm, revive and revitalize you.

As a nutrition novice (chocolate raisins count towards your 5 a day surely?!) Natasha explained that adding alkaline into your daily diet helps to calm nerves, focus your mind, replenish your skin, improve your digestion, reduce the toxin levels in your body and considerably reduce the risk of cancer.


A salad encompassing a range of ingredients from quinoa, feta and tofu to bok choy, red rice and chickpeas, and a series of ready to cook dry mixes including risottos and tagines are available to buy from today.

I left with a jar of ‘Rise and Shine Muesli,’ which I have been promised that it is so delicious and naturally sweeted from the dried fruits inside, I will not have to add any of my usual morning time spoonfuls of sugar, dollops of honey or sprinklings of chocolate…

If anyone can challenge my sweet tooth (teeth… mouth... body...) its these ladies. Honestly.