Helena Christensen visits Kenya with Oxfam

We are all more used to seeing the supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen in the various glamorous fashion capitals around the world, but she has more recently returned from Kenya, from her third international trip as an ambassador for Oxfam.

Spending time with women from Turkana in Northern Kenya, Helena reported back on how their lives, and those of their families and neighbours, have drastically changed due to the recent climate changes and severe drought – the worst in 60 years - which has left over 13 million people at risk in the Horn of Africa.

Ahead of today's International Women’s Day, Helena described how the women are struggling to cope with unpredictable weather and sky-rocketing food prices...

Whether or not they can provide their children with two solid meals a day is out of their control… I cannot imagine being so unsure about my son’s future and having to worry about where his next meal comes from… There is enough food in the world for everyone but one in seven people go to bed hungry every day and the majority are women and girls."

With the link between climate change and the seriously difficult lives of the women Helena met being glaringly obvious, she is now urging world leaders to take the necessary, fundamental steps towards fixing the world’s broken food system, by asking them to deliver on the money pledged for the world’s poorest countries at the Copenhagen summit two years ago, “it is shameful that some of the biggest emitters and most powerful nations, like the US, are blocking real progress that could prevent millions more people in Africa and elsewhere being driven into hunger.”

Tim Gore, head of Oxfam's climate change, added “rich countries must now deliver the money they have promised to help poor countries adapt to climate change and develop in a low carbon way. New sources of long-term finance to flow through the Green Climate Fund must be agreed as soon as possible for the sake of the world’s poorest people whose lives are already being devastated by the impacts of climate change.”

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