Debit Buy - Velvet on a Shoestring

I have always thought that the most decadent of purchases are those which are the most impractical with the shortest of life lines - yet desperately desired in spite of this... cashmere socks for instance. My pair lasted one glorious, indulgent day and after one wash they shrunk so small they would fit only a pixie (hand wash socks… seriously?) But now, as seen on the Paris catwalks earlier this year and now filtering down on to our hightstreet, there is a trend for an even more frivolous foot companion; velvet.

Luxurious, sumptuous, jewel toned velvet – stereotypically donning the slippered feet of bluebloods, this material is hardly the most sensible for us to strut our stuff in. They are ill-equipped for bad weather or the most minor of daily scuffs - therefore, wholly desirable...

Now all I need is my very own Sir Walter Raleigh (Jack) to chivalrously lay down his cloak (jacket) over any puddles in my track to prevent me from muddying these velveteen lovelies (this could take some convincing.)

Topshop, as always, have us totally covered with flats, boots and heels;

Topshop Valerian Velvet Ballet Pumps, £18.00 (in Oxblood, Teal, Green and Navy Blue)

Topshop Artwork Velvet Lace Up Shoes £75.00 (in Marl Red, Dark Green and Navy Blue)

Topshop Sacred Velvet Bow Court Shoes, £58.00 (in Black, Blue and Burgundy)