Celina Teague: 'My Bunny is Full of Teeth and Other Stories' Exhibition

Above: Under Worship

Above: Artist Celina Teague by The Hollow Couple

On Tuesday night I went to the preview of 'My Bunny is Full of Teeth and Other Stories' - the latest exhibition by artist Celina Teague.

The title of the show was inspired by Celina's unruly pet bunny rabbit, Gretel, who made a surprise appearance on the night! (left)

It is always very exciting to see Celina's work exhibited and this show certainly did not disappoint – the paintings, and several drawings, together are a powerful force – incredibly bright and hugely charismatic. One can become completely absorbed in the detail of her work (where often the most fun is discovered!)

Above: By The Rape of the Honeybee

Above: Marina Fogel, Michou von Beschwitz, Marcus Waley-Cohen, Baldassare La Rizza, Sinead Murtagh, Fiona McGlinchey, Celina Teague, Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes

Above: Simon Ambrose, Awsa Bergstrom, Emily Marr, Alex Roupell, Anthony Nathan, Charlie Beamish, James French, Vanessa Story, Olivia Hunt, Orlando and Emma Seale.

'My Bunny is Full Of Teeth and Other Stories' is showing until Sunday 9th Oct at The ROA Gallery.