Alexa Chung: You Don't Own Me

The gorgeous NYC-based Brit Alexa Chung (left) has made no secret of her anti-Mitt Romney feelings in the run up to tomorrow's highly anticipated US Presidential election and she helped organise this impassioned, lip-synced recording of Lesley Gore’s 1964 feminist hit, ‘You Don’t Own Me.’  It was Republican Mitt Romney's damaging proposals that threatened women’s rights, including removing funding for the Planned Parenthood Fund, repealing the Affordable Care Act and the eradication of birth control cover, that prompted Alexa Chung and her super fashionable buddies (including Tavi Gevinson, Lena Dunham, Kate Nash, Tennessee Thomas, Rain Phoenix, Rachel Antonoff, Karen Elson and Zoë Kravitz) to make this effective pro-women and pro-choice statement: (G)Obama