Valentine's Gift List 2018 - For Her

Now, many cynics would have us believe that Valentine’s Day is just another one of those sugar-coated celebrations, designed by Hallmark in an annual bid to make young sweethearts spend their life savings… Bar-Hearts-Bug!  In fact, it is a historical celebration of Saint Valentine’s romantic martyrdom (a 3rd Century Roman priest who, after Emperor Claudius II had outlawed marriage, continued to unite young lovers, eventually being captured executed for doing so...)

So if you innocently, just so happen to leave this page open on your loved one's laptop, no one will judge... You're merely honouring a Saint, dear girl.


"Without Valentine's Day, February would be... well, January."


Above: All you need is Love (*oh, and one of Victoire & Lou’s dreamy, beautifully curated, Valentine’s Gift Boxes... #ItsNotCheesyIfItsFrench)


Above:  Snuggle up and watch a romantic classic (think, 'When Harry Met Sally,' or 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'…) on the star-lit Berkeley rooftop, with Moncler blankets, hot water bottles, and staff serving you luxury winter canapés, chocolates, unlimited mulled wine and champagne… "I'll have what she's having!"  


Above:  Chinti and Parker's latest cashmere collaboration sees 100% of its profits go towards supporting Women for Women International, helping survivors of war living in some of the world's most dangerous places to rebuild their lives. Their three-year training programme equips women to earn money, regain their confidence and actively participate in their communities. Stronger Women = Stronger Nations! 


Above:  "And they call it, Puppy Love..."  100% of the proceeds from this jaw-droppingly beautiful bouquet (a mix of Carpe Diem roses, All for Love roses and beautiful flowering eucalyptus) will go directly to the brilliant Wild at Heart Foundation, helping animal welfare projects worldwide.


Above:  Forget your sleeve, wear your heart on your heels this Valentine's Day with Rogue Matilda's characterful Lover's Gold metallic brogues.