Tried and Tested: RUUBY APP

I frequently have those, ‘Thank God (and Steve Jobs) for my iPhone’ moments during the day... How did we cope beforehand?! Seriously?! I recently had a clear out and stumbled across my well-thumbed, little pink A-Z I had to so heavily rely upon when when I first moved to London as a jobbing, auditioning actress… Kids these days, especially ones with no sense of direction like Baby Kelly, will NEVER know that level of stress (or ever have to own a calculator... or have to wait in the rain praying for a Black Cab to appear!) New apps which continue to make our lives easier, photos better, and sentences shorter are released every day and knowing which ones to download that will actually make a helpful impact, rather than take up vital storage space is key.  Ladies… I’ve found one. 

Ruuby is London’s original, and most popular, free digital beauty concierge.  Offering you direct and last minute access to London’s top spas and salons (each vetted meticulously by Ruuby) at the mere quick tap of a screen, leaving those ol'days of googling random places and calling them up in the frustrated hope of a free appointment, or experiencing a lacklustre treatment, back in your past alongside your own little A-Z.  Even more relaxingly, Ruuby also offer therapists who can visit and pamper you from the comfort of your own home, allowing that cherished ‘me time’ to be easily fitted into even the busiest of schedules.

I was asked by Ruuby to try out some of their treatments… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; My job does NOT suck.  

First up was a mani, pedi at home.  Usually I enjoy the hub-bub of my local Notting Hill nail salon, frequently visiting for a catch up with my bestie.  However, on this particular exhausting day, being able to just zone out and watch some The Gilmore Girls (televised Soul Food) whilst having my favourite Essie colours applied to my hands (‘Lilacism’) and feet (‘No Place Like Chrome’) was pretty heavenly. The best part? No smudging the paint en route home, which let’s face it, aaaaalways happens to me regardless of how careful I am!

I then tried an at home spray tan.  With a pop up spray tent set up in my sitting room, I was goldenised with Siena spray before being able to pop on some loose, unflattering dark clothes and hop into bed.  Waking up to a quick shower and looking a whole lot healthier without any sun-damage, or more importantly not having to bump into any friends (or exes!) whilst looking like a potato, was the dream! 

Next I headed to Richard Ward’s salon on Chelsea’s Duke of York Square, famous for assisting the Duchess of Cambridge with her famous glossy locks – Well, if It’s good enough for Kate…!  The salon is vast and overwhelmingly slick. With a dedicated team of around 80 professionals, amazingly comfortable Japanese reclining chairs, a glitzy beauty zone and an enticing bar area, you can understand why getting appointments here is usually not easy. Using Ruuby however, I could make a fuss free, last minute appointment for the perfect hair swishing party-ready blow dry. 

Finally, I decided to book an appointment with Ruuby’s famed braider, Shabnam, who visited my flat one morning to plait my hair ahead of a lunch at Eight Over Eight, organized by my friend, Rosie Fortescue. I love having my hair braided, especially when it looks a little undone, with a few strands coming out, creating that much-requested ethereal feel.  Also, as long as you don’t go crazy, or get the style wet, it can last a coupe of days.  It was great having my braids done, whilst checking my emails and having my morning cuppa – multi-tasking at it’s best! 

TLC LOVES:  Ruuby...

As I was so impressed with my experiences, I’ve teamed up with Ruuby and we’re offering my readers and followers £10.00 off any treatment when you use the code ‘TLCLOVESRUUBY’ for the whole of September 2016.  Yoooooou’re welcome!