Debit Buy: H&M's Sleeveless Blouse


Whenever I wear my H&M ruffled top I am inundated with people asking me where I bought it.  Although I purchased it recently in store recently, it was an instant sell-out (having been featured in several magazines), and no longer available. HOWEVER, H&M have just released a similar style online (left), which may actually, with it's lighter, softer material, be eeeeeven more appropriate for the summer months (when they actually decide to begin...!)  

Quick, quick now, I don't expect this little on-trend frilled number with stand up bib collar will last long on the shelves either. 

H&M Sleeveless Blouse (RRP. £14.99)

Auree Jewellery Walton Gold Russian Wedding Ring (RRP. £295.00)