Musical Moment: Zayn Malik ('PILLOWTALK')

PILLOWTALK,’ Zayn Malik’s raunch fest of a debut solo single shot to number one in the charts in 60 countries the day it was released, racked up over 24 million YouTube views, and became number one on the iTunes chart.  After watching the provocative and moody video (around 42 times...) I can see why.  With artistic graphics, holy-moly-me-oh-my lyrics and a steamy make out sesh between the former One Direction singer and his new, mega-hot girlfriend, model of the moment, Gigi Hadid, there’s quite a lot to like.

Gigi obviously looks incredible in the video, and she is seen throughtout it wearing a super sexy Bordelle silk and satin Bondage Wrap Bra with 18k gold plated hardwear (RRP. £225.00).  Bordelle has become the go-to for lots of celebs and fashionistas wishing to wear their underwear as outtawear and  I can imagine this bra might be a sell out come this Valentine’s Day…

"It's our paradise and it's our war zone..".