All He Wants for Christmas 2016

Picky, averse to change, incapable of pulling out an appropriate poker face when disappointed?  Yup. That would be the majority of menfolk we are challenged with spoiling this Christmas. If you’re struggling to find something more exciting than the annual pair of socks (I firmly believe no man has ever bought his own pair), here is a little giftspiration for the (sometimes) deserving men in your life…

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Above:  Seaside-inspired knitwear brand Old Harry has just launched a range of colourful Beanies just in time for the temperature to plummet over Christmas. I’m a big fan of their unisex fisherman'esq jumpers, and these hats definitely have ‘what’s yours is mine’ stamped all over them! #SharingIsCaring (RRP. £25.00)

Above:  "God creates dinosaurs, God kills dinosaurs, God creates man, man kills God, man (*at Coach) brings back dinosaurs..."  I dino(t) belieeeeeeve it!  Rexy, Coach’s roarrrsome leather Rexy Puzzle has arrived in London from NYC for the festivities.  For the man who has everything… Apart from a leather dinosaur puzzle. (RRP. £375.00)