#TLCComp: The London Chatter and Wahanda's #BookYourselfieFabulous

This week, I've teamed up with the lovely peeps at Wahanda to give away five of these SENSATIONAL inflatable flamingos which I had the pleasure of splashing around with recently!  Lets face it, these pink pals of mine have been THE summer accessory of 2015, so to win one of your own, AND a £50.00 Wahanda voucher, make sure to follow both of our accounts on Instagram and tag your best summer selfies with ‘#‎BookYourselfieFabulous’ for a chance to win! Good Luck everyone!

FACT:  A flock of flamingos are known as a FLAMBOYANCE!

Speaking of the summer, I am a huge advocate of fake tanning!  Not only do I loathe lying bored and baking in the sunshine, I am utterly paranoiac about sun damage and skin cancer. Having been raised on the equator, in Kenya, I annoyingly already have the inevitable brown patches on certain areas of my face, so love to arrive on holiday already tanned (accompanied by a vat of Factor 30, another of Factor 50 and a beautiful, big sun hat!)  Lots of people are nervous about fake tan, especially spray tans, worrying about the oh-so well documented ‘orange effect,’ or ruining white bed sheets, so I asked Wahanda Editorial Director Liz Hambleton to talk first time tanners through the ins and the outs of a summer leg's spray tan...

“Tanned legs look better. Fact. They also make you feel better. Another fact.  If you’ve yet to do the big summer reveal (we’re into August people so don’t leave it too much longer!) then a spray tan could be exactly what you need to get those legs out.  And yes, you could just slap on a few applications of gradual tanner in the comfort (and privacy) of your own bathroom but there’s something about a professional spray tan that goes a whole lot further. How so, you ask?  A) A professional job makes you feel slimmer, fitter and more toned – instantly. B) Clever contouring can add definition and shape to your legs and C) Your skin feels softer, smoother and way more supple.  You also don’t have to mess around with tanning mitts, wayward patches and trying to reach awkward spots that only a lifelong yogi could dream of reaching.  Interested? Then read on for the six facts you need to arm yourself with before spraying up for summer…

1)   Don’t shave or wax your legs before having a spray tan.  The colour can settle in the open pores and create a strange spotted effect.  Do it at least 48 hours beforehand to avoid any trace of dotted leg syndrome…
2)   A little Vaseline on your brows, hairline, lashes and even your nails can reduce any tan grabbing and staining on area that really don’t need a tan!
3)    Moisturise at your peril.  Turn up for your tan with clean, freshly showered (ideally) skin to allow the formula to develop as it’s designed to. Throw another product into the mix and things could get ugly!
4)   Wait at least 8 hours before showering if you can.  Many salons say you can shower sooner but in our experience the longer you leave it the longer lasting the tan.
5)   Don’t be afraid to exfoliate; a nightly buff in the shower will actually freshen your faux glow and help it wear off evenly. Most spray tan brands offer their own exfoliators that will work well with your tan. 
6)   Top up your tan and take the edge off any blemishes, marks or bruises on your legs with an illuminating, bronzing product. We love Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body, £45.”

Find your perfect spray tan at www.wahanda.com

And now you have your spray tan and inflatable flamingo sorted, don't forget your sun cream and sun hat!!