Musical Moment: Jamie Lawson ('Wasn't Expecting That')

Earlier this year, British singer-songwriter Jamie Lawson was the first artist asked to sign to Ed Sheeran’s aptly named label, Gingerbread Man Records.  Equally talented and heart-meltingly soulful, it was a match made in singer-songwriter heaven.  Jamie’s first single, ‘Wasn’t Expecting That,’ which has skyrocketed to number one on U.K iTunes, tells the story of a couple, going back through their lives together.  It will LITERALLY have you all kinds of choked up.  Honestly, I’ve just watched it three times and I need a hug.  Perhaps I’m overtired, possibly hungover (don’t judge) or maybe, just maybe, I’m a sentimental ol’marshmallow, but weeping at my desk?... I wasn’t expecting THAT! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

"Oh and isn't it strange
How a life can be changed
In the flicker of the sweetest smile..."