#HenryFest: Wireless Festival 2014

I was suuuper thrilled to be asked to accompany Henry Holland and the team from Gather.ly to Wireless Festival.  Not only was I dressed entirely in ‘H! by Henry Holland’ (Henry’s festi-friendly diffusion line available from Debenhams) but I was also to given a VIP pass, allowing me the best possible view of  the main stage… and free drinks and ice-cream all day…  The DREAM!  After a delicious triple-stacked pancake, champagne breakfast at the Ace Hotel’s ‘Hoi Polloi’ (best name ever?!) we were off to Finsbury Park.

I had earlier in the week visited Debenhams on Oxford Street to choose my ‘H! by Henry Holland’ outfit, opting for a navy Toucan Jumpsuit (RRP. £40.00 £32.00)Silver Embellished Strap Sandals (RRP. £35.00 £17.50), and the Grey Grained Satchel Bag (RRP.£40.00 £32.00).  Without any tent or welly cares in the world, we all enjoyed lunch and cabaret entertainment in the VIP area, occasionally venturing out, in between large jugs of Pimms, to watch one of the truly phenomenal acts from the all star line up...  

The day started off with Iggy Azalea, whose song ‘Fancy’ has been a firm 2014 favourite of mine.  I didn’t know many of her other songs, and honestly still don’t, but she and her back up strippers dancers were mesmerizingly entertaining...  I don’t think I blinked once throughout their entire performance.  

Pharrell gave the audience hit after hit after hit...  The smokin’hot, pocket rocket sung a mixture of NERD classics, solo hits, and several renditions of songs he has produced over the years, all sung in his signature falsetto voice.  Pharell also gave a feminist interlude, speaking about equality in the workplace and respecting women... before beginning a gyrating performance of ‘Blurred Lines.’  Literally. Hitting. My. Head. Against. My. Desk.  The audience went predictably, nuts for Pharrell’s neo-soul hit ‘Happy,’ and all we all returned for more ice-cream beaming.

To close the evening was Kanye West… Despite Kim not being there swaying in the crowds with a bejewelled Swarovski clipper lighter (I'm sure she has one?!) as I had hoped, I still felt I was about to see something truly epic.  Epic it was.  Epically weird and epically arrogant.  After resounding loud and aggressive dog barking, Kanye appeared wearing a bejewelled Maison Marin Margiela mask, the first of three he was to adorn throughout his time on the stage.  Excellent songs were interrupted, mid-flow, by the singer himself, either to direct the cameras to his better angles or just merely to complain to the audience about his varying First (Class) World Problems.  During one particular rant (which lasted 20 minutes) and saw the singer booed by the impatient crowd, Kanye attacked Louis Vuitton for not allowing him to design for them.  According to Kanye, this is because he is black and a celebrity... and nothing to do with not being a celebrated fashion designer. Yeeeeeeezus Kanye. Thankfully, post-rant, impassioned perfomances of ‘Diamonds,’ ‘All Falls Down’ and‘All of the Lights’ followed.  

Above:  Snippets of Friday's acts recorded on my iPhone...


I returned to Wireless Festival on the Sunday.  DG is a huge OutKast fan and had booked tickets months ago to see their much anticipated summer reunion.  Wearing some ‘H! by Henry Holland’ Skinny Sydney Jeans (RRP. £30.00 £15.00) and my Ganni Palm Print Shirt, we watched the darling Ellie Goulding performdrank cider and shared a classic  99 Flake (which actually now cost £2.45… who knew?!) whilst waiting for OutKast


The show, and the rain, soon begun and MAN, Andre 3000 (in his platinum wig) and Big Boidid not disappoint!  They were AHHH-MAAAY-ZING.  Playing their first UK show in over a decade, these suuuuper slick and eccentric hip-hop innovators are born performers; totally at ease, totally hilarious, totally professional and totally talented.  Basically, just totally COOL -  in a league of their own.  We left on a major high missing headliner Bruno Mars… to be fair, nothing could top what we’d just seen, and it was bucketing down.  Soz Bruno, I’m sure you were amazing… “just the way you arrrre.” 


Thank tha Lord – and obviously the lovely Seasalt Cornwall  – for my waterproof Seafolly Jacket (RRP. £79.95) which made watching OutKast and my ‘shakin like a Polaroid picture’ during the rain storm all the more enjoyable!  Also BIG thanks to Mophie for sending me one of their GEEEENIUS mobile phone Juice Pack Air chargers, doubling my mobile's battery life, so I could keep instagramming and tweetin’ all the live long day.