Best of London - David Huglin

Burtonwode was launched by artist David Huglin (left) in 2010 when he noticed the huge imbalance “between the choice women had with their underwear compared to men.”   David set about to create stylish and unique boxer shorts for men who wanted something more individual ”underneath it all.”  

Printed in a 19th Century Carlisle mill and then stitched in London’s Canning Town, the sixteen pair collection of colourful Burtonwode boxer shorts are classically cut, made from 100% softened cotton and are available in a range of quirky prints from David’s own artwork.

Despite being based in London, David is Liverpudlian and has 'Liverpool' sewn onto every label "because I want it to be seen as a Liverpool brand; the city very much suits our outlook because there are things like plums and cherries on the boxes - it’s meant to be quite witty and cheeky and not taking itself too seriously.”  Fruity. 

David Huglin shared with us some of his London Favourites…

My Pint – I always try and go for something I've not had before.  I ask to try a bit of something random and and then have a pint of the stuff if I like it.  One that is always good value for money is Sam Smiths Alpine Lager at Blue Posts ( 81 Newman Street).
My Date Night – Home made Pierogies on the couch with my wife watching some trashy food porn programme.    
My Sunday Brunch – It has to be bagels with cream cheese and dry smoked smoked salmon at L&D in Hampstead (15-17 Lyttelton Road), or at Panzers in St.Johns Wood (13-19 Circus Road) - It's making me hungry even thinking about it...   

My Building – This is hard to choose, but probably the The Isokon Building in Hampstead.  Early residents included Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and Agatha Christie. I also find theRoyal Festival Hall just remarkable.  The details are unbelievable - check out the entrance door handles and brass banisters.

My London Shop – It was the Paul Smith furniture shop on Albermarle Street, full of whimsy and playfulness.  Sadly it's temporarily closed as it had some awesome stuff in there.  Calvert Street in Shoreditch is really great, it has AnthemMawi and Ally Capelino.

My London Extravagance – Taking the day off and strolling around the British Museum.
London's Best Kept Secret – I like the second hand furniture places on the Holloway Road.
My London Icon – Edward Johnston who invented the Underground Symbol and Typeface used until the 1980's. A brilliant and efficient response to the challenges of the underground mapping system. 

Burtonwode Boxer Shorts RRP. £26.00