The Gosline

Just like when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, or JFK was assassinated, people will NEVER forget where they were when they first heard last week’s Earth-shattering headline, 'Ryan Gosling Announces Break From Acting.' 

It’s true Ladies.  Ryan Gosling (misguidedly) feels that we’ve all had a bit too much of him in our cinemas of late and has decided to focus on directing for the foreseeable future.  Why Ryan? Whhhhhhhhhhy??! 

Luckily, website Blinkboxwas quick to provide an emergency support helpline (‘The Gosline’) so distressed fans can now listen to endless recordings of their favourite actor’s most famous movie quotes.  A Blinkboxspokesperson said, ”we hope that this goes some way to relieving the pain and hurt caused by his selfish decision to take a break."
I promise I haven’t rung this number... Twice.