Pancake Pops

Shrove Tuesday – my FAVOURITE day of the year!  Today is the ONE day every year where eating huge stacks of pancakes is not only encouraged, but religiously and historically justified.  This year in celebration, I recommend all fellow maple syrup enthusiasts to makePancake Pops! Yes, Pancake Pops!  Even saying the words bring me some sweet joy. I came across this recipe on the blog ‘What Olivia Did’ and they look flippppping good...

3 eggs
115g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
140ml milk
A pinch of salt

1. Separate the eggs, and put the egg whites and yolks into two separate bowls. Add the flour, baking powder and milk and mix to make a thick batter.
2. Whisk the whites and pinch of salt until it forms stiff peaks, like a meringue mix.
3. Fold the whites into the yolk batter gently, this is what makes it all very fluffy.
4. Using a teaspoon, create small circle shaped pancakes in your heated pan and leave to brown for a couple of minutes. 
5. Whilst the bottom side is cooking sprinkle your filling/blueberries on the top side, before flipping them over, and leaving for another couple of minutes.
6. Leave to cool for a few seconds and pop the sticks through the centre (these are definitely best warm) and lather with golden syrup, honey or lemon and sugar... Enjoy!!