QMS Medicosmetics Spa

Last week I was invited to have a facial at the QMS Medicosmetics Spa in Chelsea (*sigh…sometimes my job is such a struggle…!) After a long winter’s worth of foundation and fake tan I obviously leapt at the chance to give my face a good ol'Spring clean!  When I arrived I soon realised that I had definitely come to the right place… If my face was to end up looking remotely as as squeaky clean and pristine as the spa I had just entered I’d be thrilled!  This is not some dark, heavily incense scented beauty room filled with whale music, but more like a futuristic laboratory where glowing ladies in stark white lab coats welcome you.  Too often people choose to have facials to chill out or to tackle their current breakouts or problems, at the QMS Medicosmetics Spa however, the facials aim to maintain your skin’s actual health, providing  an experience that certainly feels more medical, and ultimately more important. 

The process and the popular products were created over 25 years ago by Dr. med. Erich Schulte, a leading and respected specialist in skincare.  After working intensely with burns and trauma victims, the doctor German created a technique whereby collagen could be re-introduced and improve the skin’s elasticity and general appearance.  This innovative collagen-enhancing process is at the core of QMS Medicosmetics.

Having the process and the regenerative products explained to me throughout, an entirely bespoke facial was conducted.  During my 75 minute treatment I experienced 98% pure oxygen being delicately blasted onto my face, a hot steam, a fruit enzyme exfoliating cleanse and a heavy, cold marine mask applied over my entire face (including over my lips and eyes which made me feel a little like Mrs. Doubtfire!)  This mask is latterly shown to you to inspect, interestingly showing you areas of dehydration and patches of potential ageing that have been imprinted on to it.  Until the end, where I was treated to a brief massage, my facial was not particularly relaxing, but it certainly was effective.  I left with plump and soft skin and a little bag of samples to try at home.

Treatments start from £45.00 for 30 mins.
QMS Medicosmetics Spa, 43 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3.