Drink Me Chai


I do not usually have an addictive personality, but recently I have become obsessed with soya/almond milk Chai Tea Lattes.  OBSESSED.  Based on the original ‘latte’ invented in India more than 5000 years ago, this aromatic blend of tea and spices is ultra calming and deliciously sweet.  I currently wake up each morning thinking about Starbucks and then later I find myself planning my daily travel routes via Costa!  This HAS to stop.  Or does it?...  When ordering some weekly groceries on Ocado last month (HERE), I came across a beaming, bright pink pot of ‘Drink Me Chai’ Spiced Chai Latte (RRP. £1.99) and obviously bought it immediately.  It’s DELICIOUS.  Starbucks and Costa?... See you latte.