Cyber Weekend: The ASOS Edit

The first time I ever heard of ‘Black Friday’ was at an American friend’s Thanksgiving lunch last year in Primrose Hill.  The Americans around the table seemed anxious they were missing out on the following day’s incredible sales and offers back in the US.  If you're still a little lost, 'Black Friday' was a phrase coined by the Philadelphia police in the 1950's after the chaos caused by shoppers flocking to the high streets after Thanksgiving to begin their Christmas shopping.  With stores keen to get as many people through their doors as possible, offers galoooore began, and a tradition born. 

Like Starbucks, David Hasslehoff and Cronuts, Black Friday has also now arrived on our British shores.   Thankfully however, in 2014 we don’t all have to panic, elbows at the ready to brave Oxford Street or Westfield, as plenty of online shops and boutiques are also offering some incredible deals this 'Cyber Weekend' (you couldn't make this up!)  ASOS are amazingly offering 20% off ALL their products ALL weekend... Just LOVE those guys!  So, to spare you hours of trawling their site, I took one for the team and selflessly put together this edit for y’all… Just hover on the items you like for prices and click.  Yes, that’s right, you can also be thankful for me this weekend Pilgrims!